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Today everyone wants a good skin and want to look great. For enhancing the look good beauty salon is essential. Makeup Salon is one that not only provides you a complete make over but it also provides you a proper guide to maintain your beauty. Makeup Salon provides skin care and hair care treatments which are beneficial for having evenly glowing skin and smooth and silky hair. We also have many additional services like advanced manicures and pedicures, makeovers, reflexology, several massages, spas and many varied facials. Our staffs will offer you personalized beauty tips that you can follow to maintain your beauty forever. But in a fixed period of time you should visit our salon so that there is no breakage in the beauty treatment. We have enough hygienic environment and we also use best quality of cosmetics and other beauty products. We even suggest different products according to your skin type and texture. Beauty experts and skin experts present in Makeup Salon always try to provide the best services to all the individuals.

Some of the features of our salon are discussed below

LOCATION: It is located in one of the busiest area of the city. This place could be reached easily from every corner of the city. You can opt any mode of transportation to reach here. Everyone has concern about where the salon is located. For anyone who lives few hours away from the salon we can assure them that you will definitely get the value of time you spent in your travelling to reach us.

QUALITY: Makeup Salon always keeps check on the quality of services provided by its staffs. We even have certificate hanged in our salon which proves the quality itself. Our staffs have even won various awards for their quality in beauty treatments. We also keep various cosmetics so you can take expert suggestions from our staffs and buy the products from us.

REASONABLE PRICING: When you go through our rate card then you will find that the prices for all the beauty treatments including Skin Care like facials, pedicure and manicures are comparatively less than many our established salons in the city. But when you experience the services provided by us then you can make out the difference as we can assure that our staffs are no less any other staffs of renowned salon of the city and every time you visit us you will have the feeling of “Let’s Make-Over”.

WELL EQUIPPED: When you take a glance of our salon you will find that we are well equipped and have all the advanced equipment that also in a proper functioning position. Be it salon chairs, bowls, hair steamers, massage beds and all other furniture and equipment are of good quality.

Whenever you need Indian Bridal Makeup for the big day celebration or you need an assistance for a makeover then you can always step towards our Makeup Salon where our staffs are present to serve you. Our salon has qualified and experienced staffs who make sure that you are pampered with the best service during your visit to our salon.

  • Best Experience

    Sreetama Bhattacharjee

    “Absolutely fabulous! wonderful staff and a beautifully clean and relaxing environment. Excellent full day experience for me. I would definitely come again ....”

  • Best Service

    Rimpa Ghosal

    “I would love to say thank you for wonderful time in this spa salon. Staff were amazing and professional! Thank you again for amazing and relaxing time in Let's Make-Over family salon! ......”

  • Feeling Awesome

    Rahul Sen

    “Gorgeous Facial and Hair Cut service thanks to Let's Make-Over family salon! Very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks again ......”

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